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DR WAKDE'S® Natural Health Care is a centre for excellence in ayurvedic healthcare. The company was founded in 2007 in London by Dr Nilesh Wakde & Dr Anu Wakde, both husband and wife, with the purpose of introducing Ayurvedic herbal treatments & products into the Western market.

DR WAKDE’S® Natural Health Care brand stands for natural special care products crafted to meet specific needs. Our 100% herbal products provide more than basic care and help to maintain positive health and prevent illness.At the heart of these products are herbs and natural oils that have been meticulously developed in our Center in London in cooperation with Ayurvedic Experts, Biomedical Scientists, and independent testing laboratories in accordance with Ayurvedic wisdom.The herbs used in these products are not only selected on the basis of their active substances - their holistic effect on the human body is also of great importance.

DR WAKDE’S® products range is founded on more than 3000 years of healing wisdom of Ayurveda.We are proud to share that we are now able to ship our products to many countries. We believe in focusing on people. Profit is a necessary basis for a company’s development. However, this basis should not become the company’s main objective, but rather remains a means of bringing its ideas to life.While we continue to expand our range of herbal products and services, We consider that the natural approach may be the only one that can lead us to the future.

We look forward to again providing you with excellence in product, service and information.

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