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We take pride in the herbs we sell and are committed to continuously improve our practices, procedures and systems to ensure that the highest quality herbs are sourced and handled with care before being passed onto our customers. Our policy is to provide premium quality  organic herbs, either from cultivation or wild collection. In those cases where organic is not available (or uncertifiable) for those important herbs where we will endeavour to carry non-organic herbs. The high potency herbs are cultivated and harvested as per the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda.

The organic herbs are certified and carefully dried to preserve their healing qualities. Each herb represent a true bio-profile of the plant with its natural aroma.

We are justifiably famous for our range of Ayurvedic herbs, we believe this range to be largest available in the world.


We now offer Ayurvedic herbs in bulk to Practitioners. The premium quality herbs are 100% pure, raw, dried and in bulk powder form. They are available in 500g and 1kg packs to Practitioners at trade prices. The herbs are packed in excellent, durable, silver foiled stand-up pouch with zip-lock.



PRACTITIONER ONLY HERBS™ are offered only to suitably qualified herbal practitioners or to verified trade customers. 

Registration is required to access our PRACTITIONER ONLY HERBS™. At the time of registering with us, all practitioners, will be asked to provide proof of their professional or business status either membership of a professional association such as APA, BAMC, NIMH, AMH, CPP or RCHM or equivalent; by providing a copy of their qualification certificate in herbal medicine; or by providing a valid business registration number. Students on recognised herbal medicine courses should provide evidence of their enrolment. 

Please note that the PRACTITIONER ONLY HERBS™ are only for private practitioners for use in their practice and a Practitioner Account is required.


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