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Clinical Examinations

Ayurvedic doctors are acquainted with the entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

In the diagnosis of an illness, ayurvedic doctors will use all the medical procedures - both conventional and complementary. Nevertheless, when it comes to medical aids, they prefer initially to rely on their own senses.

They examine the individual from top to toe, observing body features, expressions, gesture, gait, postures - In fact, their entire appearance.

They feel and listen to the body and examine the bodily systems in a great detail.

Moreover,individual's daily habits such as sleep, appetite, diets, bowel habits are given an equal importance to diagnose an imbalance.

They listen to the patient's own estimation of his or her well-being and mental health.


Only then does the question arise whether or not a technical procedure might aid diagnosis.

The central issue is always: what new information might such as investigation reveal and what would be the therapeutic consequence? Is such a step even relevant for this particular patient?

Medical technology is not used as a matter of course, but only when it could bring recognisable benefits to the patient.

Unnecessary investigations are therefore avoided, meaning ayurvedic doctors work in a particular cost-conscious manner.

Nevertheless, whenever a technical method is considered appropriate, ayurvedic doctors are only too willing to apply modern technology for the good of the patient.