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How are ayurvedic doctors trained?

Every Ayurvedic Doctor completes a standard medical training in ayurvedic medicine & Surgery.

Following a degree in Ayurvedic medicine, the doctor is licensed by their Governing body and then undergoes a specialist training (MD).

Thats why, you will find Ayurvedic doctors in all the disciplines, from Surgery, Paediatrics (children), Internal medicine, Gynaecology (Women's Diseases) to Opthalmology and Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat)

In addition to their four and half years of university-hospital based medical studies, doctors then complete a minimum of one year of clinical internship at medical hospitals.

The doctors are clinically trained in all the departments including Emergency medicine. Doctors then complete a minimum of three years clinical studies towards their post-graduate MD qualification in their chosen specialism.


There are nearly 200 Ayurvedic medical universities, more than 2000 Ayurvedic medical hospitals and about half a million Ayurvedic doctors worldwide.

Post-graduate courses are regularly held for those doctors who have already qualified in ayurvedic medicine.

Outside Indian subcontinent, various degree level and short courses in ayurvedic medicine are offered in UK, USA, Europe and Australia.