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Ayurvedic Remedies

All ayurvedic remedies are designed to stimulate the patient's power of self healing and immune system.

Ayurvedic medicines uses mixtures of naturally occurring materials of vegetable, animal and mineral origin for medicinal purposes.

For instance, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Aloe vera are well known medicinal herbs and Alum, sea-salts are typical mineral substances.

The medicinal properties of Ayurvedic materials and formulations are time tested and have been used for centuries in Indian culture to cure illnesses and help maintain good health.

Herbal Medicines

The medicaments are made primarily from herbs in combination with minerals and sometimes ingredients of animal origin such as cow-milk, bees-wax and butters.

The ingredients are purified by individual processes. To a great extent, the character of a particular therapy is determined by its medication.

The medicines are multi-faceted in orientation. Their spectrum includes herbal juices, decoctions, teas, liquids, dried extracts, vegetable concentrates, tablets, capsules, herbal oils, etc.

An ayurvedic pharmacopoeia is created by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, with the aim of providing a published summary of all substances used in the production of medicines and the form of processing approved.