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Ayurvedic Clinic in London

DR WAKDE's Natural Health Clinic is a specialised natural treatment centre based in West London.

It offers a range of therapeutic treatments based on Ayurvedic medicine and complements these with herbal medicines, holistic therapies & various non-drug treatments.

Ths clinic is an authentic, holistic and natural treatment clinic, designed to complement and support the health-care services provided by NHS and also to care for those patients who are unable to find relief for their medical conditions with conventional treatments. It offers a range of holistic therapies adapted to the individual needs of the patient.

Ayurvedic treatment is tailored to each person’s constitution. The treatment goals include eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing resistance to disease, reducing stress and increasing harmony in the patient’s life. The practitioner uses a variety of methods to achieve these goals.

Clinical Services

At DR WAKDE's Natural Health Clinic, our team of Ayurvedic Consultants & Therapists are fully qualified, medically trained and experienced  in treating various  health conditions. 

The Clinic offers an individualised and patient-centred service for a wide range of health conditions, particularly chronic or complex ailments which can benefit from an highly individualised approach. The service also aims to empower patients through advice, information, and empathetic treatment.

Following services are offered at the clinic -