Holistic Calling ...

Our body is smarter than we all think. It can heal itself when in distress – with gentle medicinal stimulation. Physical illnesses can affect our emotional and mental states badly. All illnesses that progress lead to faulty functioning of our mind, body and spirit. The expression – “Its all in the mind", is full of meaning.

Let me illustrate. It is not unusual for me in my practice to see extremely ill patients being cheerful, notwithstanding the odds. Likewise, I have seen youngsters with pimples, or acne showing severe depression with unusual suicidal tendencies.

This shows that there exists a close inter-related relationship at various levels (body, mind and spirit). This is what provides Ayurveda, which is mind-body medicine, a window of opportunity to assess a person’s health or illness.

Ayurveda takes into account not merely an individual’s symptoms, but also the mind-body connection. The individualistic reaction towards the disease pathology is unique to each person.

Its a fact of life that when we aim to stay healthy, eat good, well-balanced, nutritious food, walk regularly or climb stair-cases, we are training our defence mechanisms to stay healthy, without actually thinking about it. So, when illnesses affect us, our body will not require powerful medicines to correct itself. It requires a little, gentle push.

Ayurveda enables us to achieve this stimulus – naturally.