Safe and effective natural remedies for sore throat

Sore throat is in the air!

Many of us in London are experiencing sore throat and cough at this time of the year, So here are simple natural remedies for the Sore throat club.

1. Make a Lozenge or Candy of Licorice powder with Turmeric, Honey and Jaggery. Chew it throughout the day. Its tried and tested and did wonder for my throat.

2.  Add a pinch of salt and Turmeric powder in warm water and do gargles several times a day.

3.    The ice creams are quite tempting especially in hot summer days like these.. but stay away from them until your Sore throat is soothed.

4.    Drink Spiced tea with few basil leaves, a tiny piece of Cinnamon, couple of black pepper and couple of cloves and honey

5.    Use a hot water bag to foment your coughy chest. It helps relieve congestion and a chesty cough.

6.    And last but not the least – Give rest to your throat, sometimes being silent help…