Packaging Policy

As an ethical company it is important for us to make our packaging as ‘green’ as possible. We use environmentally sound, recyclable corrugated card-board wrap to package our deliveries. We avoid using unecessary packaging where possible. All our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.

Our products are packaged in easily recyclable materials like glass and polyethylene teraphthalate (PET). Our oils and liquids come in glass bottles, this not only preserves and protects the contents better, but it is also better for the environment. Our beauty products and hair care come in PET bottles which can be recycled. So you can rest assured that once you've used our products; your waste won't be going to landfills.


✔Our products are packaged in recyclable materials like glass and polythylene teraphthalate (PET) which can be recycled.

✔All our oils and liquids come in glass bottles, this not only preserves and protects the contents better but is also better for the environment

✔We avoid using unnecessary packaging when possible which is why we prefer not to use cartons and boxes even for our glass bottles.

✔We use environmentally sound bio-degradable polystyrene chips to package our deliveries.

✔This is manufactured from starch and is compostable.

✔Our bubble wrap is 100% biodegradable especially manufactured for reduced pollution and greenhouse gases.

✔Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

✔Smaller packages are packed in recycled cardboard.

✔No unnecessary paperwork, letters etc will be enclosed in your order. All product information will sent by email to reduce paper waste.

Recycling & Reusing

We follow the 3’R’ policy and we recycle all our waste including our paper, glass, cardboard and plastic - REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. We recycle paper within the office and strive constantly to create an efficient paperless office.All our cardboard boxes are also recycled or reused. By refilling our own printer toners and recycling cartridges we aim to reduce unnecessary waste and help look after our planet in any small way we can.


At DR WAKDE's® Natural Health Care we use low energy bulbs throughout the work place. All our equipment is switched off at the end of every working day. It is our company policy that everything must be shut down as even equipment left on standby uses roughly 85% of the energy it would in normal use and therefore is a complete waste of energy.

Paperless strategy

We prefer to email order invoices and information so that we do not enclose unnecessary paper mail in our packages. So when your package will arrive to you, it will contain only contain minimal paperwork in order to minimise paper waste. All product information will be emailed to you which also makes it much easier for you to store and refer to.


We love feedback, some of our best ideas have come from our enterprising customers. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas, whether they may be eco friendly tips, ideas or ways in which we can better our service to you. We believe by listening to what our customers tell us, will be the best way for us to grow.